June 28th Update

Hi! The starter emergency fund is fully funded. The fire sale of things I don’t need around the house is in full effect. I’m currently chipping away at my Capital One credit card current balance of $1178.01. I’m working to have this paid of by the end of the month. While my impromptu garage sale is slowing I’m still selling things.

4th of July weekend is here and due to coronavirus it will be a real chill solo experience. I’ll probably go through some closets and see what is laying around. I canceled my subscription to Apple Music and found a 6 month trial to Spotify. I took that $10 and applied it to my credit card bill.

I finally told my partner about my debt this weekend. I wrestled with this for the longest time. Part of me wanted to just pay it off and then tell her but I also felt like she deserved to know. I also didn’t enjoy sort of being deceitful with it. Every time she asked me about my debt I just glossed over it and told her I didn’t know exactly how much I had. I was just scared to tell her scared she might leave even. That was stupid of me we love each other and will get through anything. So this is nothing and will be conquered soon enough!

Emergency Fund!

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