October 23rd – Weekly Update – Let it Snow!


Finally, it is time to clear some debt.  We are right on schedule and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it.  The progress so far is amazing and unbelievable at times but I am so thankful for our hard work.


We have been waiting impatiently for this for weeks.  It’s 84° here but there’s a 100% chance of snowfall and we are throwing giant snowballs.  You guessed it, it is payday.  It’s the non-mortgage payment check of the month.  So that means we are throwing the maximum we can of $982 currently.

Because of a couple side hustle sale’s, the actual payment will be $1007.00 to be exact.  Wells Fargo has made it slightly inconvenient to follow the payment schedule I was on.  I would pay the minimums, make snowball payments, and smaller payments as things sold or my wife contributed.  Wells Fargo basically makes it so I have to have a Wells Fargo Checking account to do that.  Otherwise you get 5 monthly payment transactions.

That isn’t horrible but I just enjoyed clearing debt as fast as possible no matter the amount.  With other cards I was only restricted to either one or two payments a day no limit on the monthly number of payments.  Also as I have stated in the past this card is interest free until January 5th, 2021.  So while inconvenient there’s no downside to having to wait to pay.

Also I have contemplated making payments to the other cards still to save some interest but at this point I just want the Wells Fargo card out of my life.  I have had some pretty crappy experiences with Wells Fargo in past.  From them calling a meeting with me based on a natural disaster and one of their employees introducing themselves in the parking lot by saying we don’t have any money for you if that’s what you are here for.  Also had some pretty uncooperative loan agents during a home refinance inquiry. So I can’t wait until I am done with them.

I made a couple smaller payments to Chase and Discover just out of convince since I can’t make online payments to Wells Fargo.

Side Hustle

The eBay store is still churning. I don’t have as many items listed as when I started but currently I say it brings in at least $50 a week.  I have almost sold all the clothes from my initial listings.  I am scouring the house for more inventory.

I applied to a teaching job that’s only on Saturday’s.  It is teaching HTML/CSS/ JavaScript to adults at various skill levels.  I am not really excited about doing it potentially but it is some more money for the debt so we will see.

I finally started the iOS course and I am doing it about every other day to avoid burnout.  Also I am research topics outside of the class to avoid ever being overwhelmed by a topic.  The way I want to learn about topics now is such a stark difference to the student I was in college.  I am so proud of my growth and maturation.

Also I am hopeful one day we will get another stimulus check from the government.  So that should be a great thing one day whether it’s now or later.


Another successful snowball payment is in the books.  I would like to side hustle and pay at least $100 on the debt by my next snowball payment. Thanks for reading and until next time!

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