October 2nd – Weekly Update – Online selling to our goals!

Payday is next week but we will not let that stop our momentum at all.  The eBay store is still going strong.  I have some more clothing and books to list soon.  I want to keep it stocked with inventory at all times.  There is currently 56 items listed for sale.

After the last snowball payment the goal we set was to side hustle enough to pay off the Chase credit card before the end of October.  If the snowball payments go according to plan we are set to pay it off on October 23rd.  The side hustle never stops though so hopefully we sell more things to really get the snowball rolling.

The debt snowball was also boosted by a $400 payment from my wife.  I have my snowball contributions mapped out until we are debt free but I never know the amounts she will be able to contribute towards the debt.  So whatever she can send is always a welcomed thing.

I am at the stage of the debt snowball that even with the extra payments this can’t be paid off fast enough.  The original debt repayment plan was set to take more than two years.  Currently we are projected to be credit card debt free in just under a year now.  That is amazing but I feel like I have to always be doing something.  My current obsession is checking eBay for bids and positive feedback constantly.

I almost don’t know how to handle this feeling.  We are doing a lot to pay this debt back but for me it feels like it is never enough.

Another weird thing I made a few online sales on Facebook Marketplace.  For some reason Facebook sent me an extra payment when they paid me.  So they say I owe them $5 lol.  I feel like they are punishing my listings because of that.  I haven’t made a sale on Facebook since this questionable transaction.

I would like to invest some time in Postmates but the pay just doesn’t seem to be enough to justify the wear and tear on the vehicle.  Tracking the mileage I also don’t do that as accurate as I should.

I want to start an online business to help the debt along.  I would love to have my own business to call my own.  I will never take my 9 to 5 for granted but I am not always enthusiastic about being there.  So having my own thing would be a great professional asset as well.

I plan to either start a WordPress theme development or iOS 14 app development class in the coming days to gain some more knowledge for the online business.  I have used them but no experience creating a WordPress theme from scratch.

The WordPress theme course would be to create an affiliate site that displays deals from around the internet.  I would like to be able to sell the theme and use it for my Amazon affiliate account.

The iOS development course would be to make apps too monetize of course.  I have started the iOS development class several times and last time I got overwhelmed at constraints.  The topic completely made sense but I thought I was mimicking the instructor but I was getting different results.  So I stopped the course at that point.  Better planning will probably benefit me as well.  I basically just tried to marathon my way through the course and that didn’t work.

The Wrap-Up

Basically keep pushing things on eBay and Facebook Marketplace and I am excited to throw another snowball payment next week.  Udemy classes in my free time.  I want to start a diet for health purposes and to give me something else to obsess about.

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