October 31st – Weekly Update – Not Much Action

This week’s update doesn’t include a snowball payment.  So the only income for the debt would be from side hustling online.   My eBay store is not as successful as it was early on.  That was to be expected I don’t have as many items listed.  We make a sale about every 3 days now.

I think this week a grand total of $25 has been thrown at the debt. So not the most prolific debt repayment week.  In weeks without a paycheck if the eBay store doesn’t provide not much money can be thrown at the debt.  I need to give the online stores a boost to bring in some more money.

I bought a bunch “Black Lives Matter” wristbands from Amazon to sell individually on eBay.  We did really well selling “Livestrong” wristbands so I figured I try my luck with some more.  They were really cheap so not much risk at all.

I need to declutter the closet again and make another Plato’s Closet run.  I still feel like there’s too many things in the closet.   I want to only have things I currently wear in the closet.

I am eagerly awaiting my wife’s contribution to the snowball.  It’s not really planned but comes at the end of the month.  We are really close to paying off the Wells Fargo card.  I’d like to have it paid off before December.   My wife sent $400 to put towards the debt this month.  I used it on the Chase credit card since it is accruing interest currently.  The goal is still to pay Wells Fargo off in November.  I just wanted to try and save a little money on internet charges.

In debt research related news. Since I obsess about things until they are done or I move on I guess.  I am constantly trying to learn something about the debt repayment process.  So I stumbled upon Unbury.us website after looking at the debt repayment sub reddit.  It let me throw my current credit card information like total, interest rate, how much I can pay monthly, and etc.  Once that information is entered you can compare your time saving/interest savings by viewing the avalanche and snowball methods for your debt.  From what I gather I can’t really save much time but I can save about $170 if I do the Snowball Avalanche instead of the Snowball.

Also diet wise I feel like we are getting back on track.  Getting healthier is a major priority for me. My diet is also placed in the things I obsess over bucket with the debt snowball.  Being healthier is great because I’ll save money from not eating out and we get to live longer!

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