October 9th – Weekly Update – Making Progress

It’s that glorious time again PAYDAY!  A ton of debt was cleared this week.  The debt free date has been moved up into MAY! May 21, 2021 to be exact but let’s get into this week’s events and discuss how the date moved!

Debt Update

This week has been super eventful.  We will start with the planned things.  Woot woot it is payday so you know what that means it’s time for another snowball payment to be thrown at the credit card.  This cycle we paid $601 towards the Chase card.  It has a remaining balance of $219.

I would like to side hustle and pay this off before next payday.  Only other scheduled credit card payment is a $30 minimum payment towards my Wells Fargo credit card.  The Wells Fargo card is interest free until January 5th.  That is why the minimum payment is so small.  Initially with the debt snowball this card was earlier in queue of cards to be paid.

I decided since it was interest free it should be paid later.  Listening to Dave Ramsey he would have said list the debts smallest to largest and attack them.  While I respect that logic I could not resist saving some interest charges by paying interest accruing credit cards earlier.  I won’t make the payment until my credit card cycle changes.  Because currently I do not owe a payment on this credit card.  I’ll wait so I can avoid any weird credit card due date issues.

The unplanned amazing things that happened lately.  My wife kicked in $400 towards the debt.  She makes monthly contributions but I don’t add them to my snowball tracker until she sends them to me.  Also we are relatively still newlyweds so we randomly get money from family still.  We had a covid wedding and I think people still don’t really know we are married also lol.  We were gifted $300 dollars from some family.  So that has been $700 of unexpected cash to throw at the debt this week!

My next short term debt repayment goal is to have the Wells Fargo card paid off before December

 1st.  Currently we need to find $349 before December to accomplish the goal.  I think we can do it we have plenty of things to sell still and more to find.  Plus, my wife’s monthly contributions by then will probably pay off the amount on its own.

Side Hustle

The main contributor to the side income is still the eBay store.  I made one shipping sale with Facebook Marketplace so it’s official I am not being black balled.  Just low demand for the items

listed I guess.  My eBay store is stocked with 52 items ranging from clothing, electronics, and books.  I have a pile of books I need to list this weekend also.

Last weekend I suffered some listing fatigue I just couldn’t take another picture or fill out anymore item descriptions!  I am still motivated to get this debt gone but listing tons of things gets a little old after a while.  I have more clothing to list as well.  Clothing has been amazing for sales so far.  Media Mail makes selling books beneficial also. It allows us to ship cheaply and make more money.

I still haven’t put in much time with my Udemy class yet.  I started the course but I had to update my

 computer and Xcode so I got distracted.  I did not start back up once it was finished.  I also googled iOS developer jobs in my state and there are plenty opportunities both remotely and in person.

I always looked at iOS development as a side hustle or hobby type thing.  Don’t know why I never thought about it as a full time job


By the time I wrote this post more amazing things happened to help the debt along a bit.  I will save that for next week since there isn’t any snowball payment to discuss that week.   One goal I have once debt free is to get a treadmill since I canceled may gym membership during this debt repayment cycle.  I randomly have been looking at treadmills so I feel like my heart knows we are going to be debt free soon! See y’all next week.

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