September 18th – Weekly Update – Side hustlin’ to debt freedom!

Side Hustle

Last week I made my snowball payment to the Citi credit card.  That left me with a balance of like $495 left to pay to them.  We have whittled that down to $235 currently.  I challenged myself to have this card paid off before my next paycheck so the entirety of the next snowball payment can go to the next credit card in the snowball.  So far so good the balance is getting worked down daily.  I ‘ll tell you how I plan to finish it off next.

I finally did it.  The long anticipated closet purge.  Years and years of clothes and procrastination have lead us to this moment.  I planned for this process to take a few days but surprisingly I was able to get it all sorted out in one afternoon.  My plan going in was to separate the clothing items into 4 divisions.  Sell, Plato’s Closet, keep, or donate everything fit into one of these spaces.  I have an appointment to sell some clothes to Plato’s Closet on Saturday and whatever doesn’t sell I will add to the Goodwill donation pile.  Also I will itemize all the Goodwill donations so I can claim the tax benefit.  Usually I just donate and never fill out the tax sheet but this time around every dollar counts.

The other mountain of clothes was new items with tags or name brand things gently worn.  I listed about 80 items on my eBay store currently.  Already I have made about $100 just from clothing that was sitting in the closet.  Even with the purge I am going to go through the closet again once this initial wave of sales and donations happen.  No matter what the eBay store will be a great success I have already made money from clothes that had no purpose other than just sitting in the closet.

I plan to have everything listed by the end of weekend.  I have ordered some mailers to ship everything out with and save on shipping.  I basically have a daily trip to the Post Office to get everything shipped out.

I eventually want to only have things in the closet that are currently in rotation for daily wear.

Also I am really not putting any limit on what can be sold.  I removed a book shelf from my office and listed it on Facebook Marketplace.  I sometimes debate selling my computer but I have not made it there yet.  I like being able to work on multiple bigger monitors.

I would like to start a profitable digital business of some sort.  Currently I am listing a design a day on Amazon Merch and trying to get Amazon Affiliate links in front of people.   I would also like to use my computer programming skills to freelance.  Marketing I am learning is huge having customers or an audience is invaluable!  Also the Etsy store didn’t make any sales and was costing me $.60 a month to have up.  I may put one listing back up and market it and see what happens.


The budget is going well. I finally broke down and got an oil change.  I used a coupon of course so it was a little cheaper.  The last time I went they didn’t reset the oil sensor so I have been riding around for like 3 months with a I need an oil change message.

The wife and I are killing the grocery budget.  We aren’t perfect we still eat out from time to time but we are working to do it less.


The politicians are back to work and hope for another stimulus check is back on.  I have been planning to put my entire next stimulus check towards the credit card debt.  My wife also agreed to do the same.  It’s awesome to have a partner and be on the same page with them.  We will conquer these debts soon enough I promise.


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