September 25th – Weekly Update – Challenge Accepted

Big things are happening this week! We set a goal and achieved it. It is also payday week so that means….You guessed it is time throw a snowball payment at the debt! The number of credit cards left to pay is under five. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s get into how the debt snowball has been going.

It is that time again! We are throwing another snowball payment towards the debt. We finally paid off all debts at Citi and we are on to clearing one of the Chase cards. I had a phone call with Chase to see if they would lower my interest rates to save a little money while paying back the balances. It was a complete long shot but I figured why not try. Chase did not play ball at all. They basically said there is nothing they can do. This call definitely motivated me to pay the two Chase cards off as soon as possible. So I never have

to send them another dime.

These weeks are always the best payday! This means hundreds of dollars of debts get cleared. I am projecting another four weeks and the first Chase card will be paid off.

This week we finished paying off the last Citi credit card. I made a challenge to pay the remaining balance of $495 on the Citi card before today/payday. Mission accomplished we are even on to paying extra on the Chase card.

Completing the Citi challenge allowed the full snowball payment to go towards the next credit card instead of being split up. I also have extra payments coming from my side hustle. Even though Chase only lets you make one payment a day. Citi allowed two payments a day which felt limiting at times so one will be an adjustment. I would make a payment or two a day no matter how small or big.

Side Hustle
I am always trying to create an income stream of some sort to pay this debt down sooner. Currently my eBay store is the big seller. Facebook marketplace has slowed down dramatically. I was selling something on Facebook Marketplace almost daily in the past. Ebay has been great recently even though I hate the fees. A small tip is to prepay the bay Final Value fees while you have all that money on hand and not have to find it when they are due.

Cleaning and going through my closet unlocked tons of inventory to sell on eBay. In the last week I have had about one hundred listing going at any given time. I bought some thin poly shipping mailers to save on shipping costs. I also got some sleeves to put the clothing items in so they feel like you bought from an actual store.

I make a visit to the Post Office pretty much everyday of late. I don’t know what the service is like at other post offices but I basically get a 30 minute wait unless I go to this one post office that is almost a secret. You have to either be an employee of the building or go through a metal detector to get in. I try to get all the packages scanned on drop-off so there’s a record of it and the weight in case there is ever and issue.

I want to side hustle and find another $7,000 by the end of February 2021. If I can do that all of the credit card debt will be paid off. I plan to sell things on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and etc to earn extra money. Me and my wife plan to put our next stimulus checks towards the credit card debt. That would mean we would just need to find another $4,600 to finish the debt.

I may make some custom iOS icons for app icons to sell on Etsy. I have not had any luck on Etsy yet but we don’t give up just keep trying until we succeed.

The next goal is to side hustle and pay off the first Chase card by the end of October. The snowball is still going well. It feels so good to have a plan to finally attack and conquer this debt. I can remember when I use to look at the debts and I just couldn’t imagine how it would not take years on years to finally pay them back. We are doing it we are gazelle intense!!!

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