July 3rd Update

The snowball is in full effect. The current balance of the Capital One card is now under a $1,000. Right now it sits at $835 first time having it under a $1000 in years.

I paid $255 towards my balance for my snowball payment towards the Capital One credit card. I am on track to pay off the card at the end of the month woot woot! Then I will begin attacking the Wells Fargo debt. It is interest free until January 5th of 2021. So I need to get it paid off before then.

My Facebook Marketplace experiment is slowing down but I’m getting a second wind with selling things on eBay. I’m looking to create a some more income streams. I plan to have an Etsy shop up and running soon.

The mortgage is paid and all other minimums are paid. So my focus until next payday is save money any way possible and generate some more income. Paying off debt feels amazing I can see the days were I don’t have any payments already!

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